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Name: Christina (23 y/o)

Location: San Antonio, TX  (GO SPURS GO)

Favorite Teams: San Antonio Spurs!

Favorite Players: All the S.A. Spurs, Kevin Garnett, Allen Iverson, Dirk Nowinski, Yao Ming, Ben Wallace,and many MANY others!

My favorite thing about Tony is: His endurance and his ball handling skills. He always knows how to pick it up when the Spurs are down! I also like how he always makes a shoutout in French when some commentator on a national level interviews him after a game!

If I were ever to meet him I would: Tell him how awesome he is, and I would want to become buddies with him.

One interesting fact about me is: I'm a HUGE fan of the NBA, and I'm always looking for new LJ friends, soo add me and I promise to add you back or if any of you got myspace.. you can add me here.

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