Erin (veronicamae) wrote in tony_parker,

20-Second Timeout: Parker's Focus

Sure, he has the "A-List" girlfriend with the hit TV show. He is one the most recognizable athletes in his home country. And his face is on celebrity and sports magazines on two continents.

But Tony Parker says he is committed to basketball first and foremost. With a French rap video in the works, it might be easy to conclude that Parker has too many irons in the fire, but that's not the case. Parker doesn't have to tell you that hoops is number one with him right now -- he'll let his game do the talking.

Consistently wheeling by opponents, Parker's aggressiveness comes from a confidence that he has finally arrived. His hard work with shooting coach Chip Engelland on his midrange game has forced opponents to come out on him more and that sets up his first quick step. Bobby Jackson of Memphis applauded Parker's progress, saying it is always a difficult challenge to guard Parker and his variety of moves.

Parker's performance this season has drawn attention from far and wide, and his All-Star selection was well deserved. The music and celebrity might be fun, but its the basketball that makes Tony Parker who he is.
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