Laura (obscures) wrote in tony_parker,

New here (and a request!)

Hi all, I've been a member for a while... what a great season TP is having so far, eh? Anyway, here's my little intro -

Name: Laura
Location: Harlingen, TX (in the valley for learned TX folk lol)
Favorite Teams: San Antonio Spurs
Favorite Players: Tony Parker, Tim Duncan, Yao Ming, Dirk Nowitzki
My favorite thing about Tony is: His resilience and how he handles criticism
If I were ever to meet him I would: Hmm, good question - I'd probably be too shy to go up and speak to him lol I would just tell him he's my favorite player in the NBA and how I've rooted for him to do well ever since the Jason Kidd trade thing.
One interesting fact about me is: I'll use something Tony related... I, in fact, *do* have his autograph but a friend of mine got it for me. Was very nice :)

Anyway, is it okay to ask for an icon request here?

I'm deeply in love with this picture of Tony and would love an icon of it - I know what text I want to use - would anyone help me out? :)
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